Manuscrit complet : La réforme technique du théâtre en vers

1911165 x 205 mm

Complete autograph manuscript on the technical reform of verse theatre
published in the Grande Revue on 10 May 1911.

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Signed autograph manuscript in a long article entitled The technical reform of verse theatre published in the Grande Revue dated 10 May 1911.

"Is it possible today to compose a theatrical masterpiece in regular alexandrines? […]I claim that the alexandrine, even in its freshness, was not the dramatic verse that our language demanded. Corneille and Racine wrote their masterpieces in spite of it rather than with it. Our twelve-syllable verse is alternately epic and lyrical. Its only place in a drama is at moments when the action is "on the level"; at moments when inspiration spreads out and expands into a song of passion or glory. It should not form the continuous fabric of the work. "
" La literature dramatic from our medium age a almost create and fix the to from theatre. Qu'on go to carried forward at mysteries, and at individual à the Passion from Gréban. Le to from eight syllables gives at dialogue from Gréban a life, a performance, a mobility, and, when it the must, a harshness authoritarian, that Crow will obtain, with sentence and by moments, from l'alexandrine. L'emphase that l'on reproach à Crow, and which boursoufle too from once the line from sound speech, me appears due as much à the structure even from l'alexandrine French that'à l'love from Crow for the sounds oratory.
Pourwe as for Gréban the to from eight syllables will be the rhythm fundamental.  […] Le to from nine syllables go to ready remarkably à l'expression from disorder, from l'uncertainty, from l'instability; it a its place still in the transitions, in the turning points from dialogue. […] Le to from ten syllables, caesura at environment, a a virtue pathétics. He fits at cries from languor, from passion, from despairThe to from seven syllables, the one from five syllables are required by some moments from voltage extreme. They can appear, at course d'a dialogue at octosyllables, for mean the paroxysme from the fight, the body-à-body from two wishes. A l'alexandrine will be vested the statements solemnthe effusions lyrical, l'evocation epic of forces. Sound prestige will increase from go to less provide.

The manuscript has been rebound in full burgundy morocco with the arms of the La Bonnière de Beamont family embossed in the centre of both covers.

Undated [1911].Small in-4, Bound,165 x 205 mm,22 pp.

Full burgundy morocco, spine ribbed, boards decorated with a double frame, central arms: fleur-de-lis Gules supported by two lions and surmounted by the motto Virtuti pro patria.


Roman Julius

Louis Farigoule

(born in Saint-Julien-Chapteuil - Haute-Loire on 26 August 1885 and died in Paris on 14 August 1972)

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