Do you want to sell or estimate books and documents in batches or individually?

We are constantly seeking for our customers and our stock of quality books in our fields of specialization: first editions, illustrated books, fine bindings, autographs and manuscripts.

We attach great importance to the condition of the works or documents, their place in the history of literature, art or ideas, their rarity and provenance.

The outright purchase by us, quicker and more discreet.

The deposit or brokerageThis is suitable for exceptional, high-value books and documents for which the seller has more time to market. After an estimate and a contractual agreement, the works or documents will be proposed to our customers, either directly or through our catalogues or website.

Auctioning may also be possible for special cases. We will then make you benefit from our expertise and in-depth knowledge of the market in order to select the most suitable sales house, the period and the modalities of putting up for sale.

You can contact us and present the works you wish to sell by filling in the dedicated form.


You can also contact us directly at 09 83 60 44 54.

Are you looking to have books appraised?

The bookshop offers you an inventory and expertise contract in the context of insurance, sharing or patrimonial value of a collection. We agree on the cost based on the time, the value of the estimated assets and the complexity of the expertise file you wish to obtain.

Are you a collector, looking for advice or a service?

We can offer you the benefit of our expertise, our knowledge of the collections that have marked the history of bibliophily in order to help you define a guideline, a specific character for your collection. buy for your commission accountThe auctioning of books or documents. We then take care of the consultation, collation and verification of their condition.

"Perhaps I am misled by old age and fear, but I suspect that the human species - the only one - is near extinction, while the Library will continue: enlightened, solitary, infinite, perfectly still, armed with precious volumes, useless, incorruptible, secret."

(Jorge Louis Borges, The Library of Babel)