Le côté de Guermantes I

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to Jacques Boulenger

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À La recherche du temps perdu tome III: le côté de Guermantes I.

FIRST EDITION.  Printed to order on 17 August 1920.
Fictitious mention of third edition.
Complete with errata leaflet


"To Jacques Boulenger
grateful tribute
his friend (if there is no indiscretion)
Marcel Proust"

Both a critic and a scholar, Jacques Boulenger (1879 - 1944) published essays on The Dandys (1907), The Great Century (1911), Nerval, Marceline Desbordes-Valmore, and fighting animals. He also wrote for various magazines and was secretary of the Gil Blas from 1914 to 1920. From 1921, he was editor-in-chief of the weekly magazine L'Opinion in which, on 20 December 1919, he published an article entitled "Marcel Proust". He defended the author, emphasising the importance of the work and its originality, which he felt deserved the Prix Goncourt. Proust was delighted, but Boulenger went on to admit love a book he finds badly written and not at all compound. Proust set about convincing the critic with a multitude of flatteries, dinner invitations and introductions to dukes. But this strategy, which he repeated with other important critics such as Binet-Valmer, Souday and Pierrefeu, had the effect of arousing Boulenger's distrust, and he only visited Proust once in June 1921.
The critic analysed Proust's attitude in detail in an article in Figaro of 3 June 1932, noting that the letters received " seemed too kind  too complimentary, even too sensitive". He even turned a famous Proustian argument on its head, claiming that knowing the author personally does not help us to understand his work any better.
Even if he did not approve of his style, Boulenger remained a defender of the author of the Searchin particular against Pierrefeu, mentioning in L'Opinion several articles praising Proust.
Proust would continue to use his influence to convince Boulenger, going so far as to provoke a few incidents with Léon Daudet, Montesquiou and Vettard. But Boulenger's clear-sightedness and independence stood him in good stead.

Marcel Proust, Letters, biographical notes on correspondents, Virginie Greene, Plon 2004.

Paris,Published by the New French Review,1921.In-8, Softcover140 x 195 mm,279 pp.

Crack to lower spine. Spine unstained.


Marcel Proust

Marcel Proust, born in Paris on July 10, 1871 and died in Paris on November 18, 1922.

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