Lettre autographe à sa femme

1815185 x 240 mm

Autograph letter to his wife, written on 20 August 1815, three days after he was appointed Peer of France.




Autograph letter to his wife, written on 20 August 1815, three days after he was appointed Peer of France :

Sunday [20 August 1815]

At last you're happy: your letter brought by M. De La Touanne was from the folly of Charenton. It is impossible to be  more celebrated, more loved here than I am: they are sorry that I am a peer, because they can no longer elect me. Would you have liked me to write stories in all the newspapers? Nothing could be easier; but they would have said straight away that I was being praised, that I was the author of these articles. I'm too high now to use all that. If there had been a departmental newspaper here, it could have spoken out; but there are only Posters. My speech will be published: I think so; then people will be talking about me too. It is also I who will present the deputation of the College to the King. - Your ideas about the cabals of the Ministry were not true. On the contrary, he wrote here in my favour and supported me with all his might; I saw all the letters and I'm as good as new with the prefect and Charlotte. All these were visions of your head fermenting in my absence. [...]
In the name of [heaven let's] leave it at that and ask for nothing more. We'll just regulate our ambition for fortune and we'll get there very easily.
My love to you. The elections start the day after tomorrow. You can see that I am writing to you exactly. Send for the tailor Le Bon, and have my suit made so that I have it when I arrive. Make sure that the fleurs-de-lys are not too petty.

Tear in the paper resulting in the disappearance of half a line and three words.

This letter was published in Debate Journal1 May 1907.
Chateaubriand, General correspondence III 1815-1820Gallimard, 1982, letter n°706.
Former Jean-Louis Debauve collection (Tampon), Sheets,185 x 240 mm,Three pages.

One leaf folded in two, still black. The upper right corner is missing half a line and three words.



François-René Chateaubriand

(Augustus), Viscount de Chateaubriand...

Born in Saint-Malo on 4 September 1768 and died in Paris on 4 July 1848.

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