La Curée

1871120 x 190 mm

FIRST EDITION ...linked to the time by Pierson.


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FIRST EDITION that didn't have a big print run.
Second volume of the Rougon-Maquart.

"In the natural and social history of a family under the Second Empire, La Cure is the note of gold and flesh. The artist in me refused to cast a shadow over that overpowering glow of life that lit up the whole reign of a suspicious day in a bad place. A point in the history I have undertaken would have remained obscure." (preface).

Charming copy bound at the time in full percaline by Henry Joseph Pierson.

Paris,Albert Lacroix,Verboeckhoven & Co,1871. , Bound,120 x 190 mm,360 pp.

Bound in contemporary style signed Pierson, full burgundy percaline à la Bradel, smooth spine decorated with lets and a gilt euron, black titleplate. Rare stitching.


Emile Zola

(Paris: April 2, 1840 - September 29, 1902)