Lettre autographe signée à Mademoiselle d’Aumale





Autograph letter signed Mme de Villefort [1716], addressed to Mlle d'Aumale in St Cyr

After the death of Louis XIV, at the time of the new court, Madame de Villefort, one of the two deputy governesses of the Enfants de France under Madame de Ventadour, asked for recommendations for her son and her daughter-in-law, the Marquise d'Haussy.

"The honours of a new court, Mademoiselle, do not erase the pain of being far from yours. I really feel the pain of being close to you without being able to have the honour of seeing you before your departure. Would Mde please allow me to beg you to pronounce my name correctly.
and remember my respect and my gratitude for this grace which, being of your friendship, I dare beg you to enjoin me to make a few more attempts to obtain from Madame the recommendation which I had the honour of asking you for Mr the Duke of Orleans, or a letter for Mr the Duke of Maine in favour of my son to be appointed one of the gentlemen of the King's household. [...] The state of Mde d'Haussy, which everyone is ready to see, has led to his removal, as has ours.
du Luxembourg and I don't have enough to put her up. Only in my room at Vincennes Mde de Ventadour did not want to let her go to the country. I don't know where to put her, her misfortune and mine are complete. In spite of this, things seem to be going well for her and I have no doubt that a letter from Mde in this matter will win the day, [...] a last effort of Madame's kindness which must decide the fate of a child who has honoured her friendship and whose state and rest she establishes for the rest of her life. Your friendship, mademoiselle, will do the rest. I am doing my beautiful daughter the only service I can. [...] your most humble and obedient servant.

Mme de Villefort."

The large collection Women of Claude de Flers dispersed in 2014, which included more than 800 documents, did not include an autograph by Madame de Villefort.


Undated [1716]. Sheets,


Madame de Villefort

"Widow of a major officer who left her without property; she came to ask for a pension and some recommendation from Madame de Maintenon. She came to Madame de Maintenon to ask for a pension and some recommendation. When Madame de Maintenon received it, she gave him a pension, took him in protection, then made him sub-governor of a child of France and always called him her beautiful widow. » (Diary of the Marquis de Dageneau, Volumes 13-14)

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