Broche en bronze de George Sand

185051 mm diameter. Note 71 x 63 mm.

Aurore Sand's certificate



Round brooch with bronze decoration on a gilt silver mounting. Central decoration of a Greek profile wearing a helmet adorned with a lioness. The back bears the original pin.
Accompanied by an AUTOGRAPHIC NOTE SIGNED by Aurore Sand, George Sand's daughter:

Bronze brooch once owned and worn by George Sand.
Aur. Sand

George Sand's taste for this type of jewellery is well known: she wears a similar brooch (the cameo with the three profiles) on her belt in the portrait painted by Auguste Charpentier, in the Musée de la vie romantique.

Undated [1850].51 mm in diameter. Note of 71 x 63 mm,

Patina. Minor flaws in the insertion of the decoration on the frame.


George Sand

(born in Paris on 1 July 1804 and died in the Château de Nohant-Vic on 8 June 1876)

Amantine Aurore Lucile Dupin, Baroness Dudevant, known as George Sand, novelist, playwright, epistolier, literary critic, journalist.

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