Excursions sur les bords du Rhin

1841120 x 200 mm


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FIRST EDITION...of which there's no big paper print.

After the publication of From Germany by Germaine de Staël from 1810 to 1813, France discovered German literature and the Rhine valley became a flagship route for romantic writers. Chateaubriand, Hugo, Nerval and Dumas discovered Germany and published accounts of their travels. In 1838, Alexandre Dumas leaves for Germany and will be joined in Frankfurt by his friend Gérard de Nerval to go down the river together and visit Heidelberg.

Dumas also includes 16 pages of prose by the hand of Nerval recounting his journey to join him:

"Luckily I had with me a young, good and spiritual friend of the acquaintance of my readers, who six weeks before had, after many tribulations, come to join me in Frankfurt. As these tribulations are not without artistic interest, and as, moreover, in the midst of these tribulations our readers will find what they sought in vain in me, I will, for a moment, substitute the prose of Gérard de Nerval for mine: as we can see, it will be all gain."

Pleasant copy, bound in three volumes at the end of the 19th century.

Paris,Dumont,1841.3 volumesIn-8, Bound,120 x 200 mm,326, 326 and 334 pp.

Bound in late 19th century style, Havana half-basan, spine ribbed and decorated with fleurons, red and green headpieces, cover and spine not preserved. The binder mistakenly added extra pages from volume II at the end of volume I. Some pages stitched at the end of volume III. Reading cabinet stamps.


Alexandre Dumas (father)

(born on 24 July 1802 in Villers-Cotterêts in the Aisne and died on 5 December 1870 in Puys, near Dieppe in Seine-Maritime).