Lettre autographe signée à René Chalupt

1927128 x 205 mm

Larbaud advises René Chalupt on a project for a Spanish-language literary anthology


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LONG AUTOGRAPH LETTER SIGNED "V. Larbaud", on the magazine's letterhead Commerceaddressed to René Chalupt, 14 March 1927.

Larbaud is advising René Chalupt on a project for aSpanish-language literary anthology  :

"Dear Sir,
Thank you for remembering us. This is a very exciting case! There is an anthology of this kind for Uruguay. "Los Majores Cuentistas Urugayes', I believe. And for the Argentine Republic, there is, I believe, an Anthology of Storytellers or Novelists. The Cervantes bookshop, rue Richelieu, and the Institute run by Mr Martivenche should have information on this. For the Brazilians, you can contact M. Jean Durian, 29 Bd Murat, on my behalf. He has translated many stories and short stories by modern Brazilian writers, and might have the substance of an anthology ready. As for Mexico, I'm going to write to Alfonso Reyes, who may be able to give us a list of names and works.
As for Spain, would you like to have only contemporaries, or moderns, starting with Valera, for example? A list of contemporaries should include Unamumo (in "El Espejo de la Muerte" or in "Tres Novelas Ejemplares"); Pio Baroja (a fragment forming a tale); V. Blasco Ibanez ("Fuentes Valencianos"); Silverio Lauza (who is dead but should be classed with his contemporaries, like Angel Ganivet); Gabriel Miro; R. del Valles-Melan; Ramon Pérez de Ayala (one of the tales in Lui del Domingo, or La Caida de les Limones); Gomez de la Serna (I would profess "Reverte II" in "Greguerias"); Enrique Diez-Camedo; Azorín, and of course Eugenio D'Ors.
But we also need young people, and for that I think Guillermo de Torre could provide valuable information.
I would be happy to help you complete these. I could also give you a list starting with Juan Valera, i.e. from around 1875. It is in "Memorias de un Hombre des Accion" that we might find an isolated tale by Pio Baroja.
Please keep me informed of the progress of this venture, which is of great interest to me, and believe me warmly yours.
V. Larbaud

Poet, musician and music critic René Chalupt (1885 - 1957) also wrote a short text on Valery Larbaud in issue no. 9 of the review IntentionsNovember 1922.

1927. Sheets,128 x 205 mm,

2 double-sided pages, black ink


Valery Larbaud

A.-O. Barnabooth, L. Hagiosy, X. M. Tourmier de Zamble

(Vichy: 29 August 1881 - 2 February 1957). He also wrote under the pseudonyms

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