La Carotide – Collection complète

1956125 x 110 mm

Limited edition of 100 copies


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FIRST EDITION and complete collection of the seven issues published in Alès by Pierre-André Benoit.
Limited edition of 100 copies for issues IV to VII, unspecified for issues I to III.

Texts by Francis Picabia, PAB, Saint-Jean de la Croix, René Char, André Frénaud, Frederico Garcia Lorca, Alain Borne, Louis Emié, Jean Lebrau, Camille Bryen, Gaston Puel, Tristan Tzara, Raymond Queneau.

Each booklet features an illustration, reproduced in black on the frontispiece, by Francis Picabia, Georges Braque, Jean Hugo, Camille Bryen, Joan Miró, Pablo Picasso and Léopold Survage.

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Alès,PAB,Undated [1956].In-12 square, Sheets,125 x 110 mm,unpaginated [4 leaves per issue].

Booklets on white, blue or cream vellum


René Char

(L'Isle-sur-la-Sorgue: 14 June 1907 - Paris: 19 February 1988)

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Camille Bryen

Camille Briand

(Nantes: 17 September 1907 - Paris: 8 May 1997)

  • Galerie Raymonde Cazenave, Paris, 1960
  • Musée national d'Art moderne, Paris, 1973
  • Galerie de Seine, Paris,
  • Musée Underlinden, Colmar, 1986
  • Galerie Callu Mérite, Paris, 1988; id. 1990
  • Jacqueline Boutet-Loyer, Bryen and the challenge of eternal paintingCallu Merite Gallery, Paris, 1990
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Joan Miro

Joan Miró i Ferrà

(Barcelona, Spain: 20 April 1893 - Palma de Mallorca, Spain: 25 December 1983)

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Pablo Picasso

Pablo Ruiz Picasso

(Malaga - Spain, October 25, 1881 - Mougins - Alpes-Maritimes / France, April 8, 1973)

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