Palette d’artistes – Künstlerpaletten

Artist's book,1983210 x 270 mm

AUTOGRAPHIC SIGNED MAIL, crobar on a double page
with four pens held in one hand.


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FIRST EDITION published to coincide with the exhibitions - Daniel Spoerri presents Künstlerpaletten/Daniel Spoerri presents artists' palettes - at the Galerie Littmann (Basel) from December 1989 to January 1990, then at the Galerie Beaubourg (Paris) from March to April 1990.

AUTOGRAPHIC SENTENCE SIGNED and dated in the form of a crobar on a double-page spread using four pens held in one hand. 

Interview by Daniel Spoerri with Katharina Duwen.
Palettes d'artistes, preface by DANIEL SPOERRI: series of 29 palettes photographed in 1989 and 1990 by Daniel SPOERRI at the homes of fellow artists: ARMAN, BEN, François BOISROND, CÉSAR, Robert COMBAS, Eric DIETMAN, Ugo DOSSI, Katharina DUWEN, Franz EGGENSCHWILLER, Raymond HAINS, Alfonso HÜPPI, Jürgen KLAUKE, Bernhard LUGINBÜHL, Gerald MINKOFF, Markus RAETZ, Dieter ROTH, Jacques de la VILLÉGLÉ, Jim WHITING...
These palettes are preceded by 11 works by Daniel SPOERRI - a kind of trap painting - produced in 1989: Luminous memories of the TropicLarge work tableRound work table...
Captioned serpents - with commentary by Daniel SPOERRI - separate each of the 40 full-page colour photographs.



Paris - Switzerland,Galerie Beaubourg,1983.In-4, Softcover210 x 270 mm,38 pp + 40 illustrations.


Daniel Spoerri

Daniel Isaak Feinstein

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