Lettre à Matta – Réponse à Hubert Damisch

Eaux-fortes,1967170 x 215 mm

ONE OF THE FIRST 100 EXECTS on Rives signed by the artist including an original etching-cube by Matta.


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Letter from Hubert Damisch to Roberto Matta, illustrated and annotated in the margin by the artist. The text, written in French, is translated into English and Italian.

ONE OF THE FIRST 100 COPIES numbered on Rives BFK vellum signed by the artist and including an original cube engraving by Matta.
(Total edition of 900 numbered copies)
An ingenious folding of four coloured etchings forms the cube engraving.



New York, Geneva, Milan, Paris,Alexandre Iolas,1967.Softcover170 x 215 mm,unpaginated, (19 leaves).


Hubert Damisch

Hubert Damisch (1928) is a French philosopher specialising in aesthetics and art history, and a professor at the École des hautes études en sciences sociales in Paris.

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Roberto Matta

Roberto Matta (1911 - 2002), whose real name was Roberto Sebastián Antonio Matta Echaurre, was originally from Chile.
After unsuccessfully studying architecture, he worked with Le Corbusier before travelling around Europe, where he became friends with Rafael Alberti, Federico Garcia Lorca, Alvar Aalto, Henry Moore, Roland Penrose and René Magritte.

His meeting with André Breton turned him into a Surrealist, contributing to the magazine Minotaur and met Yves Tanguy, who was to have a major influence on his work.

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