1920229 x 102 mm

ORIGINAL EDITION and only issue published
this Dadaist magazine directed by Céline Arnauld

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ORIGINAL EDITION and only issue published of this Dadaist review edited by Céline Arnauld.

Texts by Paul Éluard, Francis Picabia, Paul Dermée, Tristan Tzara, Renée Dunan, Philippe Soupault, André Breton, Louis Argaon and Georges Ribemont-Dessaignes.

"Projecteur is a lantern for the blind. He doesn't bargain for his lights, they're free. Spotlight doesn't care about money, fame or advertising - it floods sunlight on those who live in cold, darkness and boredom. What's more, the light is also reduced by a madreporic swarm in the celestial spaces.s."

The last page gives details of the programme for the 19 performances at the Dada Festival on Wednesday 26 May 1920 at the Salle Gaveau.



Paris,1920. Softcover229 x 102 mm,[5] ff.

Cover slightly soiled.


André Breton

(born in Tinchebray in the Orne region of France on 19 February 1896, died in Paris on 28 September 1966)

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Paul Éluard

Eugene Grindel

(born in Saint-Denis on 14 December 1895 and died in Charenton-le-Pont on 18 November 1952)

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Tristan Tzara

Samuel Rosenstock

(born on 16 April 1896 in Moinești, Romania, and died on 24 December 1963 in the 7th arrondissement of Paris)

Writer, poet and essayist of Romanian and French languages and one of the founders of the Dada movement of which he was later the leader.

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