L’album – Les Maîtres de la Caricature

1901260 x 320 mm

ORIGINAL EDITION and complete collection of 18 issues
A fine copy in its rare publisher's binding, illustrated in colour by Lucien Métivet.


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ORIGINAL EDITION and complete collection of the 18 issues of the magazine The Album, published from June 1901 to November 1902. 

Director Lucien Puech's ambition was to entrust "to each of the Masters of the Day, an entire Album, where they would have absolute freedom to do whatever they wanted". because "every artist has works in his studio that he only shows to intimate friends". Alongside these works and sketches which might never have left the artists' studios without this publication", The Album publishes mostly "dwhole pages of the genre known to the Masters of Caricature"

Eighteen issues were published over a year and a half, each devoted to a different artist: Albert Guilllaume, Ferdinand Bac, Charles Huard, Henri Gerbault, Caran d'Ache, Léandre, Job, Benjamin Rabier, Abel Faivre, Albert Robida, Steilen, Hermann Paul, Jules Grün, Balluriau, Willette, Lucien Métivet and Forain. The latest issue is devoted to The Youth PleiadTestevuide, Kupka, Wely ,Delaw, Villon, Devambez, G. Redon, cap, Guydo, Wely...

A fine copy in its rare publisher's binding, illustrated in colour by Lucien Métivet. 
This so-calledartistic packaging with colour prints and special irons"was produced by the Engel workshops and sold in November 1902, with a title and preface by Roger-Milès for 5 francs.



Paris,Librairie illustrée - J. Tallandier,1901.In-4, Bound,260 x 320 mm,Unpaginated. 394 pages.

Publisher's hardback signed by Engel. Full percaline illustrated in colour.


Léon Roger-Milès

(Paris: - Angoulême :

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Ferdinand Bac

Ferdinand-Sigismond Bach

(Stuttgart: - Compiègne :

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Charles Huard

(Paris: 2 June 1874 - Poncey-sur-l'Ignon: 30 March 1965)

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Jacques Onfroy de Bréville

(Bar-le-Duc : -Neuilly-sur-Seine :

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Charles Léandre

- Paris:

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Benjamin Rabier

(La Roche-sur-Yon : - Faverolles :

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Albert Robida

- Neuilly-sur-Seine :

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