La Physiologie du Mariage

1838129 x 192 mm

First edition in the format in-18 large Jesus vellum.




The Physiology of Marriage - or Eclectic Philosophical Meditations on the Happiness and Unhappiness of Marriage, published by a young bachelor.

First edition in the format in-18 large Jesus vellum.

It follows the publication, by the same publisher and in the same format, of the Physiology of taste by Billat-Savarin.
This format, known as Charpentier, was introduced by Gervais Charpentier to compete with Belgian counterfeits, which had been proliferating since 1815 to the detriment of sales of luxury French in-8 volumes.

According to the important notice opposite the title: "Each of these two works will be the counterpart of the other, in libraries, as they have been for a long time in the opinion of people of wit and taste"..

The fourth plate, whose design is identical to the first, announces the sale of the Physiology of taste.

A beautifully bound copy.

Paris,Carpenter,1838. Bound,129 x 192 mm,408 pp.

Bound in late 19th century half calf, smooth spine decorated with framing, fleurons and small irons, cover preserved.


Honoré de Balzac

Honoré de BalzacHe was born Honoré Balzac in Tours on 20 May 1799 and died in Paris on 18 August 1850.

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