Louise Leclercq : épreuves corrigées.

1886130 x 198 mm

IMPORTANT Complete set of tests
with approximately 225 autograph corrections

4 500 



Complete set of proofs with approximately 225 autograph correctionsMany passages have been crossed out, leaving the first text visible, then added and finally corrected by typography. The corrected text is very close to the printed edition.

Louis Leclercqa collection of prose texts, consists of the title story, followed by Pierre Duchateletof the Postsand a one-act play for three characters, Madame d'Aubin. The book was published by Léon Vanier in 1886.

According to Jacques Borel (pléiade : Complete prose works), these corrected proofs were included in the catalogue of the Jean Rousseau-Girard sale: Paul Verlaine and his work under number 15374, but the purchaser refused to allow the variants to be consulted.  The intermediate state of the texts that can be read under the corrections is therefore unpublished.It is all the more important as no other set of proofs of the texts in the collection is known to date. The variants noted in the Pleiade come from manuscripts held in the Doucet collection: from the two known manuscripts of the new title Louise Leclercq,  a manuscript for Le Poteaua manuscript for Mrs Aubin.  No manuscript or pre-original version of the text is known to exist. Pierre Duchatelet,  a true self-portrait of the author.

Charming cloth binding.

From the libraries of Julien Le Roy (bookplate) and Colonel Daniel Sickles (VII, no. 2914).




[Unpublished],Vanier,Undated [1886].In-12, Bound,130 x 198 mm,116 [1f.] pp. .

Early 20th century Bradel binding. Cloth decorated with blue stripes and floral friezes, smooth mute spine, floral paper endpapers.