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1939195 x 250 mm

ORIGINAL EDITION with six drawings by Henri Matisse.
AUTOGRAPHIC SENT to José Bousquet.

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FIRST EDITION with six drawings by Henri Matisse.

One of 1150 copies on vellum, this one of 150 copies hors-commerce, after 28 copies on Hollande.


"To Joe Bousquet
with the old sympathy
by Tristan Tzara

The first meeting between Joe Bousquet and Tristan Tzara was by letter. Tzara learned from Paul Éluard that Joé Bousquet was bedridden and paralysed following a war wound. Tzara immediately sent him a copy of The Approximate Man. Bousquet said: "I've been reading everything you write for a very long time. I see you with equal pleasure following a road where, against all evidence, you are alone. I recite your poems. It is not because this work gives colour to the modern world that we can characterise it. And since I will have lived through it too much to judge it, I will content myself with loving it deeply.. Tzara's response was equally admiring: "JI feel very satisfied, dear Sir, to exist in your eyes when my oldest notebooks are full of astonishing quotations that I borrowed from your writings ten years ago; given, I believe, to the Feuilles livres. And because my admiration for you is rooted in the youth I feel in your signature and your tribute.»


Paris,Denoël,1939.Large In-12, Softcover195 x 250 mm,129 [4] pp .

Faded cover: spots on spine, slightly oiled. Partially cut.


Tristan Tzara

Samuel Rosenstock

(born on 16 April 1896 in Moinești, Romania, and died on 24 December 1963 in the 7th arrondissement of Paris)

Writer, poet and essayist of Romanian and French languages and one of the founders of the Dada movement of which he was later the leader.

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Henri Matisse

(born on 31 December 1869 in Le Cateau-Cambrésis, France, and died on 3 November 1954 in Nice, France)

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