Cyrano de Bergerac

1898132 x 203 mm

ORIGINAL EDITION without mention of thousand.




ORIGINAL EDITION without mention of thousand. 

Comédie Heroïque en Cinq Actes en Vers Representee a Paris, sur le Theatre de la Porte Saint-Martin le 28 decembre 1897.

A copy bound in the mid-twentieth century by the workshop of J. and P. Courty, (Best Workers of France 1961 and 1965).


Paris,Carpenter,Fasquelle,1898.In-12, Bound,132 x 203 mm,225 pp.

Signed binding by J et P. Courty, chocolate half-chagrin, spine ribbed, decorated with frames and friezes, red title page, gilt head, cover not preserved.


Edmond Rostand

(born in Marseille on April 1, 1868 and died in Paris, 7th, December 2, 1918 )

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