Manuscrit autographe signé : Entre deux airs

1899135 x 195 mm

SIGNED SELF-PRINTED MANUSCRIPT of an alternative, unpublished version of two poems from La Bombarde.


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AUTOGRAPH MANUSCRIPT SIGNED an alternative, unpublished version of two poems by La Bombarde.

Amusing poem entitled Between two tunes consisting of two parts in verse: L'air de Jean- qui-pleure , L'air de Jean-qui-rit and a prose epigraph Thoughts from Petit-Jean :

"Between Jean-qui-pleure and Jean-qui-rit, the main thing is never to be Jean-Foutre, and to remain Jean-bon, even if it means passing for Jean-Jean, because even then you'll always end up finding yourself Gros-Jean as before."

The two parts were included separately and under different titles in the collection La Bombarde published by Fasquelle in 1899:

  • L'air de Jean-qui-pleure, an allegory of human life in the form of three sowers throwing out love, war and death, under the title The three sowers (Part XXIII of the suite Always)
  • L'air de Jean-qui-ritwhich depicts a soldier asleep in a ditch, believing in a dream that he is falling in love with the pope's two daughters, under the title The soldier of fortune (part V of the suite Yesterday)

The general title and epigraph were not included in the edition.


1899.In-12, Sheets,135 x 195 mm,6 pages on 3 sheets folded in half.

Glued leaves on laid paper.


Jean Richepin

Auguste-Jules Richepin

(Medea - French Algeria: February 4, 1849; Paris: December 12, 1926)

"I would like to have as my sole and supreme reward for my love of our language, the joy of finding, even if only once, the words with a deep cry, with a definitive expression, with a lyrical image, which will become part of the heritage of this language, so much so that no one will know that they are mine. »

"It's raining! It's wet!
It's the frog party. »

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