L’appel des armes

1913220 x 325 mm; case




EXTREMELY RARE TRUE FIRST EDITION, literary supplement to No. 5 of 1 February 1913 of L'Opinion.
Written during his service in Mauritania, this manifesto novel, in which Ernest Psichari renounces the anti-militarist convictions of his family (he is the grandson of Ernest Renan and the son of Jean Psichari), was published in bookshops the same year by G. Oudin, with a foreword by Alfred Baudrillard.
Henri Massis, secretary of L'Opinionsucceeded, some time after the publication of Psichari's account, in borrowing the manuscript of the Grand Meaulnes. But the editors decided it was impossible to publish it.
in the newspaper after The Call to Arms !

Killed in action on 22 August 1914, Psichari was posthumously awarded the Prix Alfred-Née by the Académie Française, and was hailed as a national hero by Henri Massis, Charles Péguy and Paul Bourget.

Fragile publication, well preserved in a horizon blue slipcase.



Paris,1913.In-4, Softcover220 x 325 mm; case ,91 pp. .

Front cover detached and foxed. Horizon blue cloth slipcase and titled folder.


Ernest Psichari

(Paris: 27 September 1883 - Rossignol: 22 August 1914)

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