Lettre autographe signée

1899133 x 210mm

SELF-LETTER SIGNED Pr Mérimée to a dear Madam, [January 1899].


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HAND-WRITTEN LETTER Professor Mérimée to a dear Madam, [January 1899].

Dear lady,
It will be done as your command commands, but I hear Vital hasn't written a line of his speech yet. Believe that the speech will not take place until the beginning of May.
Without a dreadful cold that charges my eyes and nose like a fountain, I would have gone to bring you my answer and pay my respects.
Please put me at mother and aunt's feet.
Professor Merimée., Sheets,133 x 210mm,1 page.

One sheet folded in half, blue laid paper, black ink,


Prosper Mérimée

(Paris: September 28, 1803 - Cannes: September 23, 1870)