Considérations sur la France

1797120 x 200 mm

A true second edition of this capital text, printed a few weeks after the original.




A true second edition of this capital text. Considered by Joseph de Maistre as a French counterpart, this edition was printed in Basel, by Fauche-Borel in the third quarter of 1797, a few weeks after the original was printed in May.

"Do you know Joseph de Maistre ( 1753-1821 )? No, of course not, since there is no more cursed author today. Oh, no doubt, you have vaguely heard of him as the most reactionary monster that the earth has ever borne, as a fanatic of the throne and the altar, as an ultra with a dazzling style, no doubt, but so far from what seems natural, democratic, sacred, and even simply human, that it is urgent to erase his name from normal history. Maistre? The devil himself. Baudelaire, one of his few unconditional admirers, may have thought of him when he wrote that no one was more Catholic than the devil. Open a volume of Maistre, you'll be served." (Phillipe Sollers, In praise of a cursed)

London [Basel],No publisher's name,1797.In-8, Bound,120 x 200 mm,191 pp.

Full basane, smooth back decorated with fleurons and wheels. Period binding. Spine rubbing and biting.


Joseph de Maistre

(Chambéry, 1 April 1753 - Turin, 26 February 1821),

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