Brevet manuscrit sur peau de vélin signé par Louis XVI

330 x 252 mm

Louis XVI grants the regular abbey of Braghac to Adrienne Marie-Françoise de Sentilhac-Sedière


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HANDWRITTEN PATENT ON VELLUM WITH THE SIGNATURE OF LOUIS XVI (secretary)countersigned by Antoine-Jean Amelot de Chaillou

Louis XVI grants the regular abbey of Braghac to Adrienne Marie-Françoise de Sentilhac-Sedière:

"Brevel de l'abbaye reguliere de Braghac - For The De. of Sentilhac-Sediere

Today, the sixth day of July, one thousand seven hundred and eighty-three, the King was at Versailles and was well informed of the good life, morals, piety, sufficiency, capacity and other virtuous qualities of De Adrienne Marie Françoise de Sentilhac-Sediere Professed nun of the abbey of Bonne Saigne order of St. Benoit diocese of Limoges and wishing for these considerations to gratify her and treat her favourably, His Majesty has granted her and made her a gift of the regular abbey of Braghac order of St. Benoit diocese of Clermont which is vested at present by the death of the Duchess of Braghac.e Brifoemil last incumbent. Having been commanded by Her Majesty to send all necessary letters and dispatches to the Heart of Rome to obtain the Bulls and Apostolic Provisions for the said Abbey, and yet as an assurance of her will the present patent which she has signed by her hand and had countersigned by me, Councillor Secretary of State for her commands and finances.
Louis XVI

The document was also countersigned by the Clerk of Clermont, Moranger, on 27 July 1784.


1783,In-folio, Sheets,330 x 252 mm,1 sheet .

Trace of mailing folds.


Louis XVI

Louis-Auguste de France

(Versailles: 23 August 1754 - Paris: 21 January 1793)

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