L’organisation socialiste de la France : l’Armée Nouvelle

1911127 x 180 mm





ORIGINAL EDITION of this essay on military sociology, based on a bill presented to the House on 14 November 1910.

Based on historical research begun in 1908, Jaurès envisaged a reorganisation of the army from a socialist perspective. In 1913, his bill was not passed and, contrary to his recommendations, compulsory military service was increased from 2 to 3 years. The New Armyt was planned as the first volume of The socialist organisation of France. Jaurès, assassinated in 1914, would not have the opportunity to pursue it.


To citizen Mauranges
Jean Jaurès

Georges Mauranges (1884-1975) was a lawyer at the Paris Parliament who joined the verified Socialist Party in 1905.  A member of the 11th SFIO section in Paris, identified with the "right wing" of the movement, Mauranges stood in the 1919 legislative elections. He was a member of the SFIO's CAP from 1920 and served as secretary of the conflicts commission from 1920 to 1924. However, he resigned from the party in 1925. Georges Mauranges published several political works, including Democratic errors and prejudices (1939) and Synthetic views of the 20th century (1971).




Paris,Publications Jules Rouff et cie,Undated [1911].In-12, Bound,127 x 180 mm,685 pp. .

Red half-basane, smooth spine decorated with fillets and gilt title page.
Marginal loss of 3 letters on pp. 467-469. Paper uniformly browned. Cuts, headpieces and corners rubbed, spine faded. A few passages noted in the margins.


Jean Jaures

(born in Castres, Tarn, on 3 September 1859 and murdered in Paris on 31 July 1914)

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