to my dear Cosette

Antigone – Benvenuto Cellini

1893146 x 224 mm , 160 x 245 mm

Set of two books with autographs signed to "Cosette".


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Set of two books with autographs signed to "Cosette".

- Antigone
Represented for the first time at the French Theatre on November 21, 1893.

SIGNED AUTOGRAPH CONSIGNMENT of Paul Meurice versus signed by Auguste Vacquerie:

"in Cosette
his friends
Paul Meurice
Auguste Vacquerie"

- Benvenuto Cellini

The first volume of Paul Meurice's theatre, is a revival of the author's very first play performed for the first time in Paris, at the Théâtre de la Porte-Saint-Martin, on 1 April 1852 to music by Adolphe De Groot.


"to my dear Cosette
Paul Meurice"

Both works bear the manuscript exlibris of Cécile Daubray: "Mlle Daubray, rue du Temple n°38" and were bound in full percaline with floral motifs by Pierson.

Cécile Daubray, Paul Meurice and Auguste Vacquerie: Victor Hugo's friends

Young poets admirers of Victor Hugo and fellow students at the Collège Charlemagne (Paris 4ème), Paul Meurice and Auguste Vacquerie, 18 years old, met the author of the Misérables in 1836. The three men formed an intimate bond.
Charles Vacquerie, Auguste's brother, married Léopoldine Hugo, the poet's daughter, in the spring of 1843. This union came to a tragic end when a few weeks later, on September 4, 1843, they drowned together in a boat accident.
In 1848, Hugo founded the Journal The Event and offers Paul Meurice the position of editor-in-chief. During Victor Hugo's twenty years of exile, Meurice will take care of the financial and literary interests of the banned writer. He adapts for the theatre Notre-Dame de Paris, Ninety-three and of course Les Misérables at the Théâtre de la Porte Saint-Martin in the spring of 1878 with the very young Cécile Daubray (1871-1954) in the role of Cosette.

When Victor Hugo died in 1885, Meurice and Vacquerie were appointed executors. Meurice founds the House of Victor Hugo in Paris in 1902 and took care of the arrangement of the poet's posthumous collections with the help of Gustave Simon and Cécile Daubray who became his secretary. Cécile Daubray was also the author of Victor Hugo and his correspondents published in 1946 and which received the Albéric Rocheron Prize from the Académie Française.

Nice provenance.




Paris,Calmann Levy,1893, 1895.2 volumesIn-8, Bound,146 x 224 mm, 160 x 245 mm,132 and 68 pp.

Bindings in contemporary Bradel style signed Henry-Joseph Pierson. Full percaline with floral motifs, smooth spines, title pages, preserved covers.
Rubbing of caps and corners.


Victor Hugo

(born on 26 February 1802 in Besançon and died on 22 May 1885 in Paris)

Paul Meurice

François Paul Meurice

(Paris: February 5, 18181 - December 11, 1905)


Auguste Vacquerie

(Villequier: 19 November 1819; Paris: 19 February 1895)