178680 x 130 mm

SECOND EDITION by Didot l'Aîné
Frontispiece and 11 engravings after F.M Queverdo by Dambrun
Ex. on vellum bound in contemporary green morocco.


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SECOND EDITION drawn up by Didot l'Aîné and illustrated for each piece with an engraving opposite the title page.
Frontispiece and 11 engravings after F.M Queverdo by Dambrun.
Copy on vellum, bound in an elegant contemporary green morocco binding.

According to J. Lewine, the vellum print was sold at twice the price of the regular print (Bibliography of Eighteenth Century Art and Illustrated Books, page 189)

Volume 1: "The 2 tickets"., "The right household"., "The good father".. 223 pp. Engravings opposite pages 39, 87, 151.
Volume 2: "La bonne mère", "Le bon fils", "Mirtil et Chloé". 234 pp. Engravings opposite pages 5, 85, 205.
Volume 3: "Jeannot et colin", "Les jumeaux", "Héro et Léandre", "Le baiser", "Blanche et Vermeille". 211 [3] pp. Engravings on pages 7, 81, 129, 147 and 175.


Paris,Didot,1786.3In-12, Bound,80 x 130 mm,223, 234 and 211 [3] pp.

Contemporary binding. Green morocco, smooth spines decorated with gilt fleurons and gilt fillets, red morocco title-pieces, bordered inside covers, decorated with friezes, friezes on the edges, all edges gilt. Bookmark.


Jean-Pierre Claris de Florian

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