Le cycle de Lord Chelsea

1923123 x 185 mm

Complete in 4 volumes
4 signed autograph letters


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Lord Chelsea cycle, complete in 4 volumes: The Suborner (completed on the date of the original, 2nd edition mentioned in the title), The Loyal Servant (first edition, current print run), Last and first love (first edition, current print run), The Trial of the Right Honourable Lord (first edition, current print run).

FROM THE LIBRARY OF THE BATTLESHIP RICHELIEU provenance "Cuirassé Richelieu" at the foot of the spine, handwritten note on the 1st white endpaper "Carré off[iciers] subalt[ernes] / Richelieu / 1035".
SIGNED AUTOGRAPH CONSIGNMENT for the library of the battleship Richelieu under the title of each work :

For the Richelieu library
Tribute from the author
Abel Hermant

The Richelieu, with its sister-ship the Jean Bart, was both the first 35,000-tonne battleship and the last French battleship. Built in 1935 to stand up to the Italian Littorio, she was originally designed only to operate in the Mediterranean - but on 14 June 1940, when the Richelieu was only 90% complete, the Germans bombarded the port of Brest. On 18 June, the battleship, still intact but still unfinished, left for Dakar. There, she was torpedoed and immobilised by the British. Under Vichy orders, she repelled Operation Menace in September, orchestrated by the British Royal Navy and Free France.
In 1943, under Allied control, the Richelieu sailed for New York to be repaired and modernised; passing under the Brooklyn Bridge forced the crew to dismantle the forward telepointer. The refitted Richelieu was designated to join the Eastern Fleet in the Indian Ocean. She took part in Operations Cockpit, Transom and Crimson. Her crew then fought against Japan alongside the East Indies Fleet, and were present at the Japanese surrender of Singapore on 12 September 1945. Finally, between October and December 1945, the Richelieu took part in the return of French forces to Indochina.
It was decommissioned in 1961 and scrapped 7 years later.

Paris,1923.4in-12,123 x 185 mm,206 pp. - 1] f. + 206 pp. - 1] f. + 209 pp. - 1] f. + 273 - [1] f. .

Red half-maroquin, spine ribbed with gilt title and provenance at foot "Cuirassé Richelieu", speckled edges, bookmark. Binding signed "Taffin" on the 1st white endpaper.
Corners rubbed, spine slightly oiled at head.


Abel Hermant

Antoine Joseph Abel Hermant

(Paris: 3 February 1862 - Chantilly: 28 September 1950)

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