Carte autographe signée à Jean-Claude Lamy

1997 145 x 105 mm,

About his biography of Jacques Prévert.


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Julien Gracq replies to Jean-Claude Lamy's bibliography on Jacques Prevert, was published by Lafont in 1997:

"St Florent, April 6th
Dear Sir
Thank you for sending this lively and alert bibliography. It has taught me a lot about a poet who was at the beginning the left bank of surrealism, before symbolizing a beautiful era of French cinema. And, as I thought, it contains a lot of funny or moving details.
I didn't follow up on the pied-à-terre project on the banks of the Loire that you seemed to be thinking about, the available apartment was re-claimed by a cousin (and goddaughter) who needed it. But I hope to see you again at the Gabelle where you will be my guest this time.
With all due respect.
J. Gracq"

No date [1997].in-12, Sheets, 145 x 105 mm,

1 sheet, front side still black. Envelope preserved.


Julien Gracq

Louis Poirier

(born on 27 July 1910 in Saint-Florent-le-Vieil - Maine-et-Loire and died on 22 December 2007 in Angers)

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