Manuscrit autographe : Chanson

One 222 x 280 mm sheet



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Smile 'to the lips and nose to the wind
You said when you saw him
but only by seeing the things she wears. And especially how
ell ' the door Bookmakers open the betting.
If this "woman" here is not from Paris...
I want the Devil to take me away!
This 2 times / Little hat that our moms' moms
Carried to the left in eighteen sixty-three
And that we're wearing right now
If skulling on the right side
You'd swear you're not gonna (?)
Against something' or for someone
Because you make the Empire reject
To the best Republican..."


A 222 x 280 mm sheet,

recto, black ink.


Sacha Guitry

Alexandre Guitry

(born February 21, 1885 in St. Petersburg, Russia and died July 24, 1957 in Paris 7th district)

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