Vache bleue dans une ville

1944170 x 192 mm

ORIGINAL EDITION printed in 150 copies.
original lithograph by Jean DUBUFFET, exceptionally signed
Postage and typescript

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FIRST EDITION 150 numbered copies on Auvergne paper printed by Moulot on behalf of Pierre Sehghers.

Frontispiece, an original lithograph by Jean DUBUFFET signed by the artist in stone

SIGNED AUTOGRAPH CONSIGNMENT from André Frénaud to Max-Pol Fouchet, resistance fighter and editor of the journal Fontaine:

"To Max-Pol Fouchet
The cow and I are very happy to know him.
All the best, 
André Frénaud


After two years of captivity in Brandenburg, Frénaud escaped and contributed to underground publications under the pseudonym "Benjamin Phelisse". But he also signed his name to "Les poèmes du prisonnier", which appeared in 1942 in the review Fountaindirected by Max-Pol Fouchet. He returned to the magazine in 1946.

The author has added a typescript to the copy - 1 page in book format- My little cow dedicated to Lili and Jean Dubuffet, dated 31 January 1945, with an autograph correction:

"So tenderly she turned her face towards me that I knew it was myself who was looking at me hypocritical voyeur my false fellow my sister in truth […] Dubuffet still had a hint of universal geography all over his quadrature and his not cynical crenellated eyes so affectionate the Dubuffet who on 9 November 1944 was very fond of me too and besides you are another one Mr Dubuffet and we will still make cows of them and our udders will not deflate at all to yours."

We have not found any other copies of lithographs signed by the artist; the one by Jean Parizel, which also included a consignment and the typescript text ( Christies :BIBLIOTHÈQUE PAUL DESTRIBATS - 1ÈRE PARTIE -2019) was not signed.

Unfortunately, the copy is heavily browned.


Paris,1944. Softcover170 x 192 mm,4 leaves including one fold-out plate.

Booklet. Heavy foxing, except on the typescript.


André Frénaud

(Montceau-les-Mines: 26 July 1907 - Paris: 21 June 1993)

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Jean Dubuffet

(Le Havre, July 31, 1901 - Paris, May 12, 1985)

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