Manuscrit autographe : Fourrures

1942210 x 270 mm

Autograph manuscript a short text presenting Parisians dressed in furs as exotic beasts.


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Autograph manuscript a short text, presenting Parisians dressed in furs as exotic beasts:


Winter is turning white on the horizon. Its first transports will disembark, settle down, take their winter quarters without ours. This is the time for fur-bearing and fleece-bearing animals to emerge from the walls, dens, dens and burrows of the city, in a great terror of prices and classes: rabbits, sea calves, feathered stalls, propeller pythons, ermines, lambs, beavers, hamsters, marmots, possums, seals, fisher, coypu, monkeys, skungs, suslikii, wallabies, moles, martens and sable, yaks and stillborn calves...

Paris, from its deep forests, pulls all these people.

This text, whose manuscript was to be 3 or 4 pages long, appeared in Comœdiaon 28 November 1942 under the title Fur  and was included in the small volume FashionEditions littéraires de France, 1945.


Undated [1942].in-4, Sheets,210 x 270 mm,1 page.

One sheet, black ink.


Léon Paul Fargue

(born on March 3, 1876 in the 1 district of Paris and died on November 24, 1947 in the 6 district of Paris)

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