Ensemble d’ouvrages et manuscrit d’une chanson



CHEVALIERE d'ÉON: Two works in one volume accompanied by a handwritten poem and a paperback booklet.

- Pieces relatives aux Démêlés entre mademoiselle d'Eon de Beaumont, Chevalier de l'ordre Royal & Militaire de St Louis & Ministre Plénipotentiaire de France, &c. &c. &c. and Sieur Caron dit de Beaumarchais &c. &c. &c.
Sans-lieu, 1778. title, table, 65 pp.

- Peyraud de Beaussol (under the pseudonym of M. de La Fortelle)
The military, political and private life of demoiselle Charles-Geneviève-Louise-Auguste-Andrée-Thimothée Éon or d'Éon de Beaumont
Paris, Lambert, Onfroi, Valade, Esprit, 1779. Frontispiece and 176 pp.

bound in the endpaper is a dated manuscript entitled "Chanson sur l'air de la Bequille du père Barnabas- 1778".

From Chevalier Déon
Sex is a mystery
He is said to be a boy
However, England
Recognises him for daughter
And claims that he didn't
crutch track
From Father Barnabas

He was once a boy
Very brave captain
Everyone says they draw
what a misfortune if he's a girl
what he wouldn't do
If he had the Crutch
From Father Barnabas

There were Freemasons
a very zealous colleague
Learned from their lesson
Of the most secret mystery
if he's a girl
no more good will receive
the Bequille has not been seen
From Father Barnabas

It is said that
orders from the ministry
it was given the name
De pleinipotentiaire
Ha parbleu sił est fille
everyone will offer
The famous Bequille
From Father Barnabas

For his amusements
He wrote twenty volumes
Affecting the Law of Nations
Whose custom he knows
As a skilled lawyer
He is not unaware
The right to a crutch
From Father Barnabas

Whether boy or girl
He's a great character
Whose name we shall see
Surviving from age to age
But if he is a girl
It will not fail
Finding the Crutch
of Father Barnabas".

The first Italian translation of the above text is enclosed, La vita militare, politica e privata della Signora D'Eon, nata in Sciampagna l'anno MDCCXXVIII, O sia, Memorie interessanti del Cavalier D'Eon.
Venize, Si vende alla libreria del Colombani in Merceria, di San Salvatore, 1779. Paperback.