Lettre signée à Francisque Berton

1868208 x 265 mm

"You'll assume the role of Seaman in Kean."




Letter signed by Alexandre Dumashandwritten by his secretary, addressed to the actor Francisque Berton.


My dear Berton,
Would you pose for Pierre Petit, and give me two hours to tell me all your little adventures?
I will take care of your biography, which will appear in 10 or 12 days, in the 1st Nr. of D'Artagnan.

Sincerely yours.
Paris, January 22, 1868
P. S. You will assume the costume of Seaman in Kean.

Francisque Berton, winner of the Prix de la Comédie in 1836, joined the Comédie Française the following year and for only three years as he resigned due to the lack of leading role proposals. He then worked in Vienna and St Petersburg for nine years, with great success. His homesickness forced him to return to France, breaking his contracts abroad and he was sentenced to 5,000 francs in compensation!
In 1864, he is finally recognized in France thanks to his entrance to the Odeon theatre. Kean was represented there on February 17, 1868 and was a great success. Francisque Berton played the main role of Kean, alongside Sarah Bernard who played Anna Damby. He was indeed dressed as a sailor in scene IV of the third act., Sheets,208 x 265 mm,one page.

blue sheet, black ink.


Alexandre Dumas (father)

(born on 24 July 1802 in Villers-Cotterêts in the Aisne and died on 5 December 1870 in Puys, near Dieppe in Seine-Maritime).