Les Pharisiens

1891118 x 189 mm

Inscribed and signed by the author




The Antisemites - The Pharisees

FIRST EDITION that didn't have a big print run.

Inscribed and signed by the author :

"to my friend Émile Barbier, 
property Sincerely
Georges Darien"

Darien's third novel, The Pharisees is a vitriolic portrait of an anti-Semitic author, the Ogre, inspired by the author of Jewish France, Édouard DrumontThere also appears, in the guise of Rapine, his former publisher Savine and the figure of Léon Bloy as Marchemort. Bloy claimed to have made this appearance in a letter written to Léon Deschamps: "...the passage from Darien's beautiful book... The Pharisees, from page 118 to 122. I'm the one speaking as Marchenoir, and I must admit it's superb. It couldn't be better. This excerpt would be both an excellent advertisement for my friend Darien and for me."


Paris,Léon Genonceaux,1891.In-12, Bound,118 x 189 mm,299 pp.

Binding of the time. Half-percaline green Bradel style, smooth spine decorated with a fleuron, Havana style title coin, preserved cover plates.


Georges Darien

(born Georges Hippolyte Adrien, 6 April 1862 - died 19 August 1921, in Paris)

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