21 unpublished autograph sheets

La Belle France : Epreuves corrigées et fragments manuscrits


Complete set of proofs, 298 pages printed on 20 September 1900 and containing more than 700 corrections, accompanied by 21 unpublished autograph leaves.

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Complete set of proofs, 298 pages printed on 20 September 1900, with over 700 correctionsThese are mostly typographical, but there are also a few layout remarks and text additions, such as : "bourgeois patriotism in the blood of the wretched - Déroulède the patriot, the valiant, the poet". (page 114) ; "because they are morons and who are morons because they are Catholics." page 188. This is probably the 2nd set of proofs, as the publisher's signed autograph notes "Une 2e ép. P.V. Stock" accompanied by the stamp of the Châtillon sur Seine printing works seem to indicate.s

This violent pamphlet, written in London between 1899 and 1900, was rejected by several publishers for its virulence, before finally being published by Stock in 1901.

In his foreword, which was omitted from the proofs but included in the definitive edition, the author anticipated the difficult reception his work would receive: "The publisher, whom I thank for having published a volume whose success he could not believe in, was completely right. Such a book cannot be sold, cannot be read in France. What awaits it is silence: the silence of stupidity and cowardice; a first-class funeral, religious and civil. […] We need to know, and know completely, what La Belle France is; what it has been, what it is, what it can become."

Attached are 19 entirely autograph leaves by Darien and 3 leaves probably in another hand, that of his wife, one of which is in English.

These autograph sheets in various formats are the first drafts of certain passages or ideas that were later adapted and integrated into the version published in 1901. These early versions, often completely different from the final version, are unpublished.. The first autograph sheet will be used for part of pages 5, 10 and 42. The passage beginning: "The woman must not tolerate his slavery - the priest is killing France. They ask themselves why. Political reasons, transitory, but above all general and social reasons, permanent. One is individual possession, the other is the legal and true slavery of women. [...]" is repeated on page 158. Correspondences with more than 35 pages of the edited text have been identified.


Paris,P.-V. Stock,, Sheets,298 pages and 22 leaves.

Black wooden paper box, smooth cloth spine, gilt title. Plexiglas cover for the proofs, each leaf handwritten on Milar paper.



Georges Darien

(born Georges Hippolyte Adrien, 6 April 1862 - died 19 August 1921, in Paris)

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