A Doceira doméstica

1875115 x 188 mm

ORIGINAL EDITION, signed by the author on the colophon,
of one of the first Brazilian pastry books.




A DOCEIRA DOMÉSTICA ou Coleção de Receitas, pela maior parte novas, de Doces, Pudins, Tortas, Conservas, Pastéis, Licores, e em geral Tudo Quanto Pertence à Arte do Confeiteiro e Pasteleiro, Apropriadas ao Uso das Cozinhas Particulares

FIRST EDITION of one of the first Brazilian pastry books. This very first edition, signed by the author on the colophonThe second and third were revised and expanded in 1877 and 1895.

According to the preface, A Doceira Doméstica was to be the first part of a series of works that the author wanted to call :  Biblioteca da dona de casa brasileira,  but no other volume appears to have been published. Anna Corrêa also points out that she experimented with each recipe, drawing inspiration from French, English, Italian and German cuisine, while adapting them to suit Brazilian tastes.

The work, considered to be one of the very first pastry books, was preceded by Doceira Brasileiraby Constança Oliva de Lima, published by Editora Laemmert in 1851.

Worldcat has no record of any copies of the first edition. Only one copy of the third edition is held by the New York Public Library.

Reference: Wätzold, Tim (2011). Cookery books of the empire of Brazil. Sources concerning national identity, material culture and the proclamation of the Brazilian cuisine 1840-1889. 98. 442-458.

Rio de Janeiro,J.G. de Azevedo,, Bound,115 x 188 mm,216 pp.

Bound in the early 20th century, chocolate half-chagrin, spine ribbed, gilt title. Cover not preserved, some staining at the end of the volume.