Ces plaisirs

1932128 x 235 mm

ONE OF 80 copies on Hollande.


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ONE OF 80 EXEMPLES numbered on HollandeAfter paper with 35 copies on Japon, followed by 180 copies on pur-fil, 1050 copies on vellum and 125 copies on coloured Simili-Japon.

A work that borrows the title of one of the passages from the Wheat Grass, "Those pleasures that we call lightly physics"was to be called The Cunning, Remous or Écumes.

Colette explains to Hélène Picard: "He's stirring up old love stuff, mingling with unisex love - at last he's doing what he can."
The flesh: "Sens, intractable lords, ignorant like the princes of old who learned only the essentials: conceal, hate, command."



Paris,Ferenczi,1932.In-12, Softcover128 x 235 mm ,249 pp.

Modern binding. Red half-basin with corners, smooth spine decorated with fleurons and fillets, gilt head, witnesses preserved, cover and spine preserved.


Gabrielle-Sidonie Colette

Born on 28 January 1873 in Saint-Sauveur-en-Puisaye (Yonne) - died on 3 August 1954 in Paris. Mime, actress and journalist, a French woman of letters known above all as a novelist, Colette was after Judith Gautier in 1910, the second woman elected member of the Goncourt academy in 1945, of which she became president between 1949 and 1954.

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