Œdipe Roi



  • Four typescripts of the text of the play, including a double working carbon annotated by Pierre Blanchar and a first version marked: Texte français d'André Obey d'après la traduction de Paul Mazon.
  • Four typescripts of the text reserved for the choir, including Pierre Blanchar's copy annotated with his initials.
  • Three handwritten and typescript sheets relating to stage lighting, including a diagram.
  • The tracing copy of the drawing by Pablo Picasso chosen by Pierre Blanchar for the setting of the play. The glass negative of this tracing in the same format and two smaller photographic prints from this negative. This set of reproductions was probably used to print Picasso's design on the programme and flyers.
  • 10 photographs, format 167 x 138 mm, showing the cardboard model of the set designed by Picasso, under different lighting conditions.
  • Autograph manuscript score by Arthur Honegger, titled: "Œdipe - Roi Sophocle - Partition musicale de Chœurs - Musique d'Arthur Honegger". Notebook of 13 pages, 110 m 145 mm, printed.
    It is accompanied by a signed autograph letter from Honegger to Pierre Blanchar:
    "My dear friend,
    And now... I'm back in possession of this music and I'm delighted to give it to you in memory of our old friend, who always enjoyed working with you.
    In loving memory AHonegger January 1955".
    The Envelope of sending is preserved with the addresses of the conductor Karel Husa (sender), then of Arthur Honegger then of Pierre Blanchard.
  • Programme for the performance in quarto format with original red cover by François Ganeau (6 leaflet booklet). On the second cover there is a large gouache depicting Oedipus on stage with this message:
    "To Pierre Blanchar, in memory of the premiere of Œdipe Roi in Paris, 19-12-1947 in friendship Fr. Ganeau".
  • The original matrix, an engraved zinc plate (127 x 175 mm), used for the prospectus, which features the illustration by François Ganeau used for the cover of the programme.
  • 32 photographs, size 58 x 58 mm, pasted on three cardboard sheets, all titled "Œdipe Roi, compagnie Pierre Blanchar Th. des Champs Elysées". This is a kind of photo-reportage, illustrating rehearsals and preparations for the play. In particular, they show the empty stage with Picasso's set.
  • 8 original photographs of George Henri, size 180 x 245 mm, taken during the performance and probably used for the press.
  • The play's logbook, a small-format school notebook recording all the rehearsals and performances; it was written by the stage manager.
  • File relating to the cost of the play and subsidies, including typescript and autograph letters.


Pierre Blanchar

(30 June 1892 Philippeville in Algeria - 21 November 1963 in Suresnes).
Actor and director.
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Arthur Honegger

(Le Havre, March 10, 1892 - Paris, November 27, 1955).
Swiss composer.

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François Ganeau

(1 May 1912 in Paris, France - 1983).
Artist decorator.

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Pablo Picasso

Pablo Ruiz Picasso

(Malaga - Spain, October 25, 1881 - Mougins - Alpes-Maritimes / France, April 8, 1973)

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