Gouache et encre originale signée sur papyrus

Ink,gouache,1985270 x 200 mm

Gouache and ink signed, dated Goetz 85, on papyrus paper.

Original price was: 600 €.Current price is: 400 €.



Gouache and ink signed and dated Goetz 85on natural handmade paper.

Handcrafted papyrus work made by the artist.

The work will appear in volume 2 of the artist's catalogue raisonné, drawn up by Frédéric Nocera, whom we thank for his help.


1985.270 x 200 mm,

Fragile handmade paper, with small lacks in the signature.

Glued on grey painted plywood.



Henri Goetz

Harry Bernard Goetz

(New York: 29 September 1909 - Nice: 12 August 1989)

"If I choose the non-figurative world, it's because I believe it is larger than the other. I believe that there is more to be discovered in the unknown than in the known. If the limit of the known is the unknown, then the opposite does not seem to be true."

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