3 matrices de bois gravés d’après Cham

Wood engraving,70 x 73 mm

3 truculent woodcut matrices after Cham for the satirical newspaper Le Charivari




Set of three woodcut matrices by Charles Gilbert after Cham for the daily newspaper The Charivari (1832-1947), a pioneer of illustrated satirical newspapers. They show a man taking his clothes to the Mont de Piété, a man at the counter of the Banque du Peuple and a scene, difficult to understand for lack of text, in which two characters examine the mark left by a nailed shoe.

During a collaboration that began in 1843 and lasted 36 years, Cham gave the Charivari most of his work, which appeared with captions written by the cartoonist. Although the daily welcomed contributions from many renowned illustrators, including Grandville and Daumier, it is Cham's caricatures that tend to be associated with him. Recognised as far afield as England, where the press published his drawings, he illustrated an entire Paris edition of the English newspaper Punch published by The Charivari during the 1848 revolution.


Paris,(1843-1879).70 x 73 mm,

3 woodcut matrices whitened with Meudon white.



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