Lettre tapuscrite signée à Alain Trutat


SIGNED LETTER about a radio adaptation of Jules Vallès' book, L'Enfant.




HAND-WRITTEN LETTER addressed to Alain Trutat, founder of France Culture, dated 20 February 1966. About a radio adaptation of Jules Vallès' work, The Child. 

[…] I forgot to tell you about a show I did based on the Child by Jules Vallès, this book that I love so much and, I'm sure, you love. I hope it will also be shown in France, despite our friend de Gaulle. Probably in Denmark. I am sending you the text attached. If you could give the show in Benelux, I would be really happy. […]
De Gaulle will shed all the light on the Ben Barka affair tomorrow, I believe, at the press conference that you know ... Provided we're not blinded ...
As soon as you read my adaptation of the ChildIf you are the very faithful and anonymous defender of Liege, be so kind as to write me what you think of it? […]

Adamov added the word "really" in blue ink and underlined a few words., Sheets,1 page.

One sheet, centerfold trace.


Arthur Adamov

(Kislovodsk: 23 August 1908 - Paris: 15 March 1970)

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