Documents littéraires – Les romanciers naturalistes – Une Campagne

1881126 x 188 mm

Uniform binding




PUBLISHING ORIGINALS of these collections of studies and polemical articles first published in Europe's messenger and Le Figaro (A Campaign).
Unmarked current prints.

Despite the mistakes I may have made, my voice was heard, because I was convinced and passionate. In today's appalling hullabaloo, I've sometimes managed to make myself heard. Refuse me everything, argue and deny. I have done literature the service of freeing it from the heavy and stupid pile of politics under which it grumbles, buried alive. When I would have served no other purpose, when I would simply have appeared to ignite literary quarrels, to have been overwhelmed by insults, to rouse letters from their slumber by my battle, well, I think that all writers, especially young ones, should be a little grateful to me. (Preface toA Campaign, p. IX)

Uniform early 20th century bindings.

Paris,Carpenter,1882.3in-12, Bound,126 x 188 mm,[3] ff. - 419 pp. - 1] f. + [2] ff. - II pp. - 387 pp. + X pp. - 408 pp. .

Bound in contemporary green and brown half morocco (A Campaign), spine ribbed with gilt fillets, gilt title on brown morocco pieces, gilt fillet on covers, gilt head. Cover preserved. Spine faded with, for Literary documentsSlight rubbing and a small tear to the title page.


Emile Zola

(Paris: April 2, 1840 - September 29, 1902)

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