La Seine a pris la mer

1950120 x 190 mm

ONE OF THE 40 EXAMPLES ON PURE WIRE, the only large paper print.
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The Seine took the sea and 6 other stories by peace


ONE OF THE 40 COPIES ON PURE THREAD, only large paper.

Inscribed and signed by the author :

To Anouk and Claude Souef, this book is written to prove the readers like them right, those who fight for Peace. Fraternally A. Stil"

Philosopher, resistant, member of the Hand to the feather, founder of Eighty-one sheets and then from  The future of surrealism, André Stil began his literary career under the patronage of Aragon. The Seine has set sail is the author's second book, after The word Minor, comrades... published in La Bibliothèque française (1949).

Resistance fighter and communist activist, Claude Souef was in charge of film clubs after the war and had worked for La Nouvelle Critique, before directing a few short films. Assistant director at the ORTF, he worked with the pioneers of public television. He then devoted himself to writing a book on youth in the Resistance and his last struggle was to support undocumented workers.

Unusual draw. Nice provenance.

Source : MATRON, Reynald Lahanque , Carnet de L'Humanité.

Paris,Les Éditeurs Français Réunis (EFR),1950.In-12, Softcover120 x 190 mm,211 pp.

Clear trace of wetness on the lower right corner of the first course, back slightly faded.


André Stil

(Hergnies: 1 April 1921- Camelas: 3 September 2004)

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