Oeuvres de Mathurin Regnier

182290 x 140 mm



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Complete works of Mathurin Regnier with commentaries. preceded by L'histoire de la satire en France pour servir de discours préliminaire by M. Viollet le Duc

Revised, corrected and expanded edition of Régnier's works.
The history of satire in France to serve as an introductory speech by Emmanuel-Louis-Nicolas Viollet le Duc is in its original edition.

THE EXEMPLAIRE DE SAINTE-BEUVE donated by Emmanuel-Louis-Nicolas Viollet le Duc.

Autograph bookplate  on the first white endpaper :

"Ste Beuve/ given by M. Viollet Le Duc".

As a teenager, Sainte-Beuve befriended Eugène Viollet-le-Duc, the future architect and son of the literary scholar Emmanuel-Louis-Nicolas Viollet le Duc. The latter, named "M. Viollet Le Duc" on his works, published a short opuscule on the Romantic writer,  Epistle to M. Sainte-Beuve (1837).
The present copy is mentioned by Sainte-Beuve (First Mondays. Volume III , Viollet-Le-Duc), on 1 July 1843 after the publication ".under [one] Modest title "du "Catalogue of books in Viollet-Le-Duc's poetry library" :

" the spiritual and erudite owner of this library has just published a curious volume of literary history and biography, even more so than bibliography. M. Viollet-Le-Duc, who in his youth tried his hand at the then reigning school of Delille with a little Art poétique which appeared to be a bold satire, has since taken his place among scholars of old literature with a very good edition by Mathurin Regnier (1822); he placed at the head of it, as an Introduction, a history of satire in France. M. Viollet-Le-Duc then drew attention to a number of distinguished and original poets of the sixteenth century, such as d'Aubigné; he later stimulated and encouraged, as one of the first, the work that has been done in this area by several of us."

Copy in a fine binding signed by Andrieux.

Paris,1822.In-18, Bound,90 x 140 mm,402 pp.

Contemporary binding by Andrieux. Full brown chagrin, spine ribbed and decorated with gilt title, framed with cold fillets on the covers, gilt fillet on the edges, double fillet inside, gilt edges, bookmark. Spine unstained, corners rubbed. Upper spine split at head, small tear at upper headpiece.


Charles-Augustin Sainte-Beuve

(born on 23 December 1804 in Boulogne-sur-Mer and died on 13 October 1869 in Paris)

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