Collage original signé : Intempéries

collage,1962260 x 260 mm

Provenance: Alexandre Trauner

3 000 



LARGE ORIGINAL COLLAGE SIGNED on the cover of the 33 rpm record, Bad weatherpoems by Jacques Prévert performed by Arletty and the author to music by Fernand Schirren.

Signed autograph dedication  :  "To Maria Jacques". 

Under the gaze of a colourful bird, a man in circus costume hangs from a Calder mobile.
The original sleeve illustration (a handprint) has disappeared under the collage that occupies almost the entire front cover; only the original title and margins remain.

Bad weather

The work comes from the collection of the Franco-Hungarian photographer and film set designer Alexandre Trauner, a friend and collaborator of Jacques Prévert.
(Alexandre Trauner - Jacques Prévert A cinematographic work - n° 217)



1962.260 x 260 mm,

Corners a little rubbed, 33 rpm in good condition.



Jacques Prevert

(Neuilly-sur-Seine: 4 February 1900 - Omonville-la-Petite: 11 April 1977)

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