Décennale des Cahiers de la Quinzaine : Polyceute

19091 sheet of 420 x 260 mm folded in four

ORIGINAL EDITION of this extremely rare prospectus.


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ORIGINAL PUBLICATION of this prospectus announcing theEdition of the Decennial Edition of the Fortnightly Papers.

To commemorate the 10th anniversary of the NotebooksPéguy was preparing a special edition only available by subscription. He presents his project on 8 pages detailing the composition, the formats, the prints...

"Firstly, no written work offers the editor a text as beautiful as Polyeucte's, a text which itself brings as much and of one beauty, so perfect, so total and infinite beauty."
It provides no less than 10 luxury papers ranging from 35 fr, on English laid, to 5000 fr on Old Japan in shape!
"The edition of Polyeucte that we are preparing will not only be a maximum rarity, but also a total rarity. A borderline rarity."

"Unfortunately, his plan met with the fate of Balzac's fanciful speculations. "Of this grandiose project, only a few pages remained of the theory of belles éditions."
(Péguy and his Notebooks of the FortnightFrantisek Laichter).


Paris,No date [1909]. Sheets,1 sheet of 420 x 260 mm folded in four,Eight pages.


Charles Péguy

(born on 7 January 1873 in Orléans and died on 5 September 1914 in Villeroy - Seine-et-Marne)

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