Gonzalez Videla, El Traidor de Chile

1949210 x 290 mm

RARISSIVE ORIGINAL EDITION of this poem denouncing the treachery of President Gonzalez Videla.

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RARISSIVE ORIGINAL EDITION of this poem denouncing the treachery of President Gonzalez Videla.

In 1946, Neruda managed Gabriel González Videla's presidential campaign. When elected, he pursued a right-wing policy and strongly opposed the Communists. The poet responded with a speech in the Senate bearing the famous title: I accuse...! He narrowly escaped arrest and took refuge in Europe, working on the clandestine publication ofEl Canto General.

Drafted in December 1949, Gonzalez Videla, El Traidor de Chile is published in leaflet form and distributed at university campuses.
According to Enrique Kirberg, Gonzalez Videla attended an event organised by the University of Chile at the end of 1949. A young student waiting for him at the exit managed to approach him and hand him the leaflet, telling him that a poet had written this poem and that he wanted the President to honour him by reading it. He disappeared after Gonzalez had congratulated him and promised to read it (Neruda: Poeta y Luchador in Literatura Chilena enel exilio, 1979)

The poem will then be included in the author's large collection, El Canto Generalfifth and final part of the poem La Arena. Traicionada"under the title Gonzalez Videla, El Traidor de Chile (Epilogo). This definitive version does not include the short final text, which can only be found on this leaflet:

¡Viva el Chile!

Contribuya a la caída de la tiranía haciendo y repartiendo copias de este poema. ¡Están contados los días de la pandilla de Gonzalez Videla. Y se acerca la liberación de nuestra patria!

This leaflet, printed on very thin and fragile paper, seems to be missing from almost all the institutions.


[With the author],1949. Sheets,210 x 290 mm,

A few marks of folds and minor tears that do not affect the text.


Pablo Neruda

(July 12, 1904, Parral, Chile - September 23, 1973, Santiago, Chile)

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