Un spectacle dans un fauteuil – Poésies et Proses

1833130 x 199 mm

RARE Reunion of the volume of poetry and the two volumes of prose

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Reunion of the volume of poems and the two volumes of prose with the same title, An armchair show.

The first paperback volume, published in 1833 by Renduel, includes the verse pieces "Au lecteur", "Dédicace", "La coupe et les lèvres", "À quoi rêvent les jeunes filles" and "Namouna".

The other two volumes bound by Pierson appeared a year later at La Revue des Deux Mondes and include first editions of the author's most famous plays:  Lorenzaccio, Les Caprices de Marianne, André del Sarto, Fantasio, On ne badine pas avec l'amour, La Nuit vénitienne.
After the failure of The Venetian Night In 1830, Musset wanted to publish his plays as reading texts rather than performance texts. This is why he changed the title to "spectacle dans un fauteuil". His masterpiece, On ne badine pas avec l'amourwas not performed until 1861 and Lorenzaccio in 1896

According to Clouzot, "Extremely rare set. The last two volumes, of prose, partially destroyed, are much more difficult to find than the first."According to CarteretThe director Buloz suggested to Charpentier the idea of publishing works by Musset in its in-12 collection, like the New Poems, 1840by sacrificing a certain number of copies of his in-8 edition, which were still in the bookshop of the Review . This explains the great rarity of these two volumes of prose. "(Carteret).

Traces of wetness in the lower margins of the bound copies.

Clouzot vol. 1 p. 122, Carteret, II, 188-191 ; Vicaire, V, 1239-1241 ; In French in the text, 249.

Paris-London,Baillière,Eugène Renduel's bookshop,Librairie de la revue des deux mondes,1834.3in-8, Bound,130 x 199 mm,[2] ff. - 288 pp. - 2] ff. - 5] catalogue pages ; [2] - vii pp. - 366 pp - [1] f. ; [2] ff. - 353 pp. - [1] f. .

1822 : Paperback. Some foxing. 1834 : Contemporary binding by Pierson. Half red morocco with corners, spine ribbed, gilt title, gilt edges, bookmark. Traces of wetness at the tail having affected the text block and the binding.


Alfred de Musset

(Paris: 11 December 1810 - 2 May 1857)

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