Manuscrit autographe de Piccolet



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FULL AUTOGRAPHIC MANUSCRIT by PiccoletA one-act comedy-vaudeville by Labiche, Auguste Lefranc and Armand Montjoie, first performed at the Palais-Royal on 30 September 1852 and published by Michel Lévy.

The former cork manufacturer Chambourdon (played by Amant) is trying to get himself elected to the Romorantin Chamber of Commerce. Having separated from his wife, he wants to ensure a certain respectability, and passes off his young niece Aline (Mlle Kleine), who has just left boarding school, as Mme Chambourdon. But the young rentier Piccolet (Hyacinthe), in love with Aline, has tracked her down and after some doubts and a few twists and turns, he helps elect Chambourdon and then marries Aline.

The manuscript, entirely in Labiche's handwritingIt contains numerous erasures and corrections, passages that have been crossed out and marginal additions. The text is slightly different from the final work, and does not include the couplets, which were added by one of the collaborators.

1852.small in-4 , Bound,74 pages .

Bound in the modern Bradel style by Devauchelle, full violet cloth, smooth spine, black title page, gilt title. Some leaves restored.


Eugene Labiche

(born May 6, 1815 in Paris where he died January 22, 1888). He was elected member of the Académie française in 1880.

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