Boudu sauvé des dos

Ink,1995175 x 240 mm

ONE OF THE 44 FIRST EX. accompanied by 9 engravings and original ink signed by Colette Deblé.


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ORIGINAL EDITION signed in colophon by the author and the artist.
ONE OF THE FIRST 44 NUMBERED EXAMPLES ON ARCHES CYLINDERS accompanied by 9 original signed engravings by Colette Deblé.

A copy for Jacqueline and Alain Trutat, enriched with an original full-page ink-signature by Colette Deblé and with this double dispatch:

"For Jacqueline and Alain and all the birthdays 
I kiss you Colette"

"A tale of backs
sincerely yours
Jacques Henric"

Provenance: Jacqueline and Alain Trutat, passionate bibliophiles, close friends of Eluard, Picasso, Raoul Ubac and Tal Coat.

Reims,Dumerchez,, Sheets,175 x 240 mm,37 pp + engravings.

Filled cover illustrated.


Jacques Henric

(Paris: December 21, 1938)

French critic, essayist and novelist.

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Colette Deblé

(Coucy-lès-Eppes: January 8, 1944)

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